12 Desk Accessories for Dog Lovers

Ashley Tyler

When it comes time to restock your desk, don’t just grab a bunch of standard office supplies next time you’re at the store. Take the time to find things you’ll love looking at (and using) everyday and make your office a place you actually want to be in. Here are 12 fun desk accessories perfect for the dog lover in you.

1 – All You Need is Pug Mug ($18)

Getting daily caffeine fix is crucial for some of us when it comes to having a productive day. Instead of just grabbing one of those plain styrofoam cups from the break room, get a mug that you’ll be proud to carry around the office. This hand-drawn pug mug is as quirky as it is cute and will look great on your desk even when you’re not using it.

2 – Bulldog Notebook ($8)

If you’re going to be forced to attend that boring weekly staff meeting, you might as well jot down your notes in a notebook that reflects your first true love: DOGS (duh!). The stiff, sturdy cover and fun black and white design will have all your coworkers trying to track down one of their own.

3 – Sausage Dog Tape and Paperclip Dispenser ($13)

You’ll never forget who borrowed your tape dispenser and didn’t return it ever again. There’s just no mistaking this bright blue dog tape dispenser as yours. Not only does this adorable dog handle your tape, he’ll also keep track of your paperclips with his magnetic mouth and matching food bowl. Don’t be surprised when everyone in the office comes looking for you next time they need a paperclip or a piece of tape just so they can get their hands on this little beauty.

4 – Dog Pen ($3)

Get your hands on this cute dog pen ASAP so you can keep your best friend with you at all times. It’ll stand on all fours when you’re done writing down that important message and the stylish collar and bell accessory will make it your most sought after companion.

5 – Desk Calendar ($22)

Put your love for dogs on display with a new desk calendar. It’s printed on heavy cardstock and even comes with a wooden easel for easy display. Featuring a different breed every month, this calendar will make sure you always have a new adorable pooch to look at while you count down the days to your next vacation.

6 – Dog Butt Magnets ($11)

Just because you have to be at work all day doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor when it comes to your office supplies. These dog butt magnets are just as funny as they are useful. Ditch all those boring travel magnets from your Great Aunt Barbara once and for all.

7 – Ceramic Dog Planter ($60)

Putting a plant on your desk is a great way to make your office come alive and what better to display it in than a dog planter? Handmade to order, you can bet no one else will have a planter as cool as this one next to their computer. Choose an easy to care for succulent or air plant so you don’t have to rush back to the office when you accidentally forget to water it.

8 – Bone Paper Clips ($9)

Paperclips never looked so cool. These bone shaped paperclips will not only keep your documents in order, they’ll do it in style. Don’t be a bone-head, these paperclips are a no brainer for the dog lover in your life.

9 – Dog Butt Pencil Sharpener ($10)

While this may look like an ordinary dog figurine from the front, it’s a very different story when you turn it around. Sharpening your pencils just got a whole lot funnier.

10 – Bendable Dog Rope ($10)

Whether you have a mess of unsightly cables you need to tie together or just want something to corral those loose pencils, this bendable wiener dog has got you covered. The package actually comes with one dog and one cat tie, so make sure you gift the other one to your favorite feline lover and keep the good one for yourself.

11 – Cell Phone Stand ($9)

Keep your phone propped up where you can see it so you’ll never miss that important call or text ever again. Made from durable silicone, this dog stand can also hold your business cards or your favorite pen if you get too distracted when your phone is out. Get back to work, that Pokémon can wait!

12 – Dachshund Letter Organizer ($19)

Make sure your desk stays neat and tidy with this chic black and gold Dachshund organizer. There’s even a spot in the back to hold your pen. Your desk is just begging you to add this one to your collection.