12 Healthy Dog Food Brands Your Pooch Will Love

1. Stella and Chewy’s Frozen Raw or Freeze Dried


Image: stellaandchewys.com

Stella and Chewy’s raw frozen and freeze dried feature human grade, cage-free, hormone and steroid free protein sources. They use all organic fruits and vegetables in their formulas. The Stella and Chew’s company owns their own manufacturing plant, allowing them to ensure that your dog is eating the best possible food, made with the best possible methods. One of their methods is High Pressure Processing, where harmful bacteria is destroyed without a heat source. This unique processing makes the raw meat safe to handle while preserving the natural qualities of uncooked meat.

2. Primal Frozen Raw or Freeze Dried


Image: primalpetfoods.com

Primal Frozen Raw and Freeze Dried dog food features human grade meat that is cage-free, hormone and steroid free—ensuring your dog gets the best meat possible. They also utilize organic fruits and vegetables, rounding out the nutrient profile with ingredients from sustainable sources.

3. Honest Kitchen (Dehydrated)


Image: thehonestkitchen.com

Honest Kitchen pet food is a blend of dehydrated raw meats, fruits, and vegetables. The dehydrating process preserves the naturally occurring nutrients within the ingredients without exposing them to heat. This food comes in a powdered form which you rehydrate with water to add moisture to the food.

4. Ziwi Peak (dry)


Image: ziwipeak.com

Ziwi Peak is focused on bringing a little bit of the best of New Zealand to your pet’s life. Its meats are composed of locally sourced, ranch-raised protein that are human grade and free of antibiotics or hormones. The meats used in Ziwi Peak’s food are air-dried to preserve the vital nutrients without exposing them to heat. But Ziwi Peak doesn’t stop there; Ziwi Peak is also packed with green-lipped muscle (like the sea animal, not the body part), which is a superfood that is packed with natural anti-inflammatory compounds as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

5. Orijen (kibble)


Image: orijen.ca

Orijen dog food focuses on being a “biologically appropriate” and “whole prey“ diet. This means that each formula comes packed with a wide variety of protein sources, similar to what dogs and wolves would have eaten in the wild. They do not include high glycemic carbs, vegetable proteins or synthetic preservatives. In most formulas, the first 10 ingredients are all high quality protein sources ensuring your dog gets the best nutrition possible.

6. Acana (kibble)


Image: acana.com

Produced by the same company as Orijen, Acana follows many of the same guidelines. It too focuses on being “biologically appropriate” and “whole prey” based. Its diverse protein sources provide an abundant mix of healthy amino acids. However, unlike Orijen, Acana has only 5 meat ingredients which is great for dogs who have more sensitive stomachs or allergies.

7. Fromm (Canned)


Image: frommfamily.com

Fromm Family pet foods has been a family owned business for quite a long time. Since they’ve been making food since 1904, they have an old-fashioned, pure opinion of what food should be-- It’s no wonder Fromms has stood tall over the years. Their canned food is grain-free, naturally preserved, and comes with added taurine, biotin, and chelated minerals to ensure your dog’s healthy heart, eyes, and coat. Fromms produces their formulas in small batches which helps keep their quality extremely high.

8. Wellness Core Dog Food (Kibble)


Image: wellnesspetfood.com

Wellness has gone back to the root of pet nutrition with their Core line. Their Wellness Core kibble formulas are grain-free and feature no meat-byproducts or fillers. They are packed with high quality meat as well as fresh whole fruits, vegetables, and select botanicals such as yucca schidegera, which is great for reducing stool odor (something every dog owner can appreciate).

9. Nature’s Variety Instinct (kibble)


Image: naturesvariety.com/instinct

Your dog’s instinct is to primarily eat meat. That’s why Nature’s Variety Instinct Formula focuses on providing your dog with nutritionally dense meal. Its grain-free and gluten free recipes are made to be easily digestible with added probiotics, great for dogs that have stomach or stool problems.

10. Merrick Grain-Free (Kibble)


Image: merrickpetcare.com

Your dog may be cute and cuddly but he’s also got a wild side. Taste of the Wild features premium, high quality ingredients that follows your dog’s ancestral diet. This means that each formula uses a variety of protein sources as well as fruits and vegetables that provide a wide range of nutrients for your pet, similar to what they would eat in the wild.

11. Pinnacle Peak Protein Formula (Kibble)


Image: pinnaclepet.com/canine

Pinnacle Holistic Canine Nutrition prides itself on being the pinnacle of dog nutrition. Their ingredients are prepared very carefully to preserve the natural healthy qualities of the overall meal. Their formula is packed with healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that promote a healthy skin and coat. They also include plenty of digestive probiotics to help your dog breakdown their food and optimize absorption of nutrients.

12. Victor Grain-Free (Kibble)


Image: victorpetfood.com

Victor Pet Food is family owned and produced in Texas. Its manufacturing process ensures that quality raw materials are all locally sourced and sustainable. In addition to their sustainable practices, they also have a full time food safety team that runs multiple tests on all ingredients before and after processing. Pinnacle is also a budget friendly pet food, so you won’t have to break the bank to give your dog a top notch kibble.