9 Snuggling Pets That Prove All Is Right With The World

Are you anxious about the election?

It's hard to remember a year as uncertain as this one. But fortunately for us, our four-legged friends have some smart, snuggly advice for all stressed-out humans.

1. Find your bro and grab him tightly.

Credit: DogKittyEverywhere / Tumblr

2. Quality snuggles with your BF are a must.

Credit: All In One Fun / Tumblr

3. You can haz dog pillowz.

Credit: Cats Gifs TK / Tumblr

4. The best snuggle secrets are at your fingertips.

Credit: DogKittyEverywhere / Tumblr

5. Snugs are best up high AND down low!

Credit: Awww!Cute! / Tumblr

6. Snuggles— collect them ALL!

Credit: Cats And Dogs / Tumblr

7. Give a pal a quick kiss and a high five.

Credit: DoggyKittyEverywhere / Tumblr

8. It's best to get real close when having a snuggle.

Credit: DogKittyEverywhere / Tumblr

9. Remember, not everyone likes a snuggle.

Credit: DogKittyEverywhere / Tumblr