12 Pets Using Snapchat Filters Better Than You

Checking out the new Snapchat filters is what gets us out of bed in the morning (well, that and the animal nudging you awake for their breakfast). You may think you're the best at rockin' the puppy or flower crown filters, but these pets prove they can do it just as good as their humans.


1 – Buzz Off


It's pretty obvious the queen bee doesn't agree on how funny you think this filter is, but you should probably leave her alone or risk the chance of getting stung.

2 – Harry Pupper


Image: @alohapups

Home from Hogwarts on summer vacation, this pup knows all the right spells to keep the treats and belly rubs coming.

3 – Great Aunt Catrina


This elderly beaut may sit in the window spying on her neighbors all day long and can tell you the latest juicy gossip, but she sure looks good doing it.

4 – Hello, Officer


"Excuse me, ma'am. Do you know how fast you were snapping back there?"

Watch out, this Officer means business so you'd better cooperate or you might have a major fine to pay. Lucky for you, you can pay him in long walks around the neighborhood.

5 – One Groovy Feline


Image: @velluta

Righteous, groovy, far-out… this cat is all of that and more.

6 – Look Into My Eyes


This gives a whole new meaning to the term "puppy dog eyes."
Oh you want to go play Frisbee at the dog park? And sleep in my bed tonight? Ice cream for dessert too? No problem. How can you say no to a face like that?

7 – Cartoon Kitty


Image: @svmjz

"I'm not sad, I'm just drawn that way."

From perfect eyebrows that'd make even Kim K jealous to those pouty red lips, you'll never be able to look at your cat the same way again after you get a glimpse of her purrfectly drawn cartoon face.

8 – Incognito


"A dog? Where?"

Did you come home to garbage strewn all over your apartment and now you can't find your pup anywhere? Don't be surprised if that strangely fluffy zebra hiding out in your living room knows something about it.

9 – The Dude


"My future's so bright, I have to wear shades."

This cool dude's laid-back style will steal the show no matter where you take him and he's always ready for a good time. If you need a friend that'll just go with the flow, grab this guy's leash and hit the road.

10 – Cat-Dog


"Traitor! I knew you always secretly wished I was a dog."

11 – Glamazon


Image: @mucyluir

"I'm ready for my close up."

You accidentally left your makeup bag out and came home from work to find your cat all gussied up and ready for a night out on the town. You better go ahead and get yourself ready too because you can't waste a makeup job that good to just sit home and binge on Netflix and cat treats. Meow!

12 – Move Over Grumpy Cat


Image: Bored Panda

"You better get a ton of followers from this because I am not amused!"

There may be a new grumpy cat in town but you can't deny just how cute he is, even if he's not quite a fan of your favorite filter.