13 Cats In Hats

There is something undeniably hilarious about cats wearing hats. Don't get me wrong, cats have to be pretty tolerant to allow headwear, and some clearly hate it. (Cat in the Hat really got it wrong with this one--I'm not sure I know a cat that would choose to wear a hat.) Call it schadenfreude, but these absurd cat photos will definitely entertain.


1 - The Hello Kitty


"If anyone else tells me my hat is ironic, I will cry."

Hello Kitty may not have a very expressive face, but this cat certainly does. I'm getting "profound sadness" but it could be wrong.

2 - The Gunslinger


"Who needs pistols? I'll scratch your face off faster than you can say, 'high noon.'"

Is it just me, or is this kitty a cowboy you wouldn't want to face in a standoff? Just call him "The Fastest Paws in the West."

3 - The Scaredy-Hat

Pictures of cute cats wearing beautiful hats (06).jpg

"Is it safe to come out yet?"

Ok, this one is pretty adorable. There's nothing sweeter than a tiny kitten with big green eyes. Those little munchkins really find the funniest places to secret themselves away.

4 - The Sorcerer


Image: Funny Or Die

"I can tell you where to put your dancing mops…"

This is the face of a crotchety old wizard for sure. That, or the sorting hat put him in the wrong house or something.

5 - The Stoner


Image: iheartcats

"Dude, I just realized how tiny I am compared to the Universe and I was like, whoa. Do you have any snacks?" Is there really any better way to spend a rainy day? You know…. Than to wear a beanie? Why? What'd you think I meant?

6 - The Coy Cat


Image: catster.com

There's just something about this cat that says, "Why yes, I will manipulate you for food and treats, and you will LOVE it, handsome."

7 - The Dowager


"Heavens, no. Catching mice is for the help."

This poised cat clearly has champagne and caviar taste.

8 - The Paw Wars


"You want me to put on what kind of bikini!?"

9 - The Tiny Hat


Image: Buzzfeed

"What the hell is this? I've coughed up hairballs bigger than this hat." When everyone else's hat is bigger.

10 - The Artist


Image: Ransom Note

"Don't move mi cariña, the lighting right there is purrfect."

Don't look now, but is that Picasso? Or is it a cat? This artistic feline looks like he sees more than the rest of us.

11 - The Fisherman


"Go fishing, they said. It'll relax you, they said. Well, I went fishing and I didn't catch a goddamn thing."

12 - The Self Doubt


Image: Jolipop.com

"Does this hat make my head look big? I knew I should have picked the sombrero."

13 - The Mad Santa


Image: Guff

"You were warned. The song did say, 'he knows if you've been bad or good' and I am gonna tell you right now, it's not gonna be coal that I'm leaving in your stocking…" (Featuring Garfi, the World's Angriest Cat. Check out our interview with him!)