15 Newly Adopted Kittens That Will Make Your Soul Smile

Travis Greenwood

Between the arrival of colder weather and the year-end holidays, the number of animal adoptions always seem to spike in November and December. While official statistics are hard to come by, the tweets below—all featuring adorable kittens—make it clear: now is the time to bring home a new forever friend.

1. TFW it’s picture day at school but Mom and the orthodontist tell you not to take your headgear off.

15-newly-adopted-kittens-that-will-make-your-soul-smileCredit: @litenguldfisk / Twitter

2. Names aside, I’m 100% sure this cute little fella fails the Duck test.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Credit: @APAofMO / Twitter

3. Brothers from another mother.

Credit: @AwwCuteFeed / Twitter

4. Literally dead right now from cuteness overload, RIP me.

Credit: @AHappierDay / Twitter

5. All signs here point to a bright future ahead as a #caturday all-star.

Credit: @SusanCalman / Twitter

6. Reading over the shoulder is a pet peeve of mine but exceptions can—and will—be made for fuzzy cuties.

Credit: @fluffyourTrumpy / Twitter

7. The best way to keep the animals you love close to your heart? Let them cozy up right above it!

Credit: @NatalieLayson / Twitter

8. Name game got you stumped? Check out our leaderboard of the most popular cat handles here!

Credit: @ParadiseEmison / Twitter

9. When it’s the first day of work and you don’t know where your meeting is but one of the older employees takes you under their wing.

Credit: @OhWowThatsCute / Twitter

10. I’m not crying my eyes are just leaky.

Credit: @AnimalMonarchy / Twitter

11. BRB, applying for any and all jobs wherever she works.

Credit: @eleanorstrouser / Twitter

12. “Look if you aren’t going to put Animal Planet on, just pass the remote this way.”

Credit: @RealNewRasputin / Twitter

13. This kitten is already kneading at a 5th grade level.

Credit: @kitten_academy / Twitter


Credit: @isabeleats / Twitter

15. Double the cats = double the fun!

Credit: @fayehollandatx / Twitter

Interested in adopting a kitten? Find cats and shelters in your local area with Petfinder!