12 Dogs Who Adorably Ruined The Holidays

Travis Greenwood

While it’s true that all dogs go to heaven, not all of them are perfect angels during their time on Earth.

Case in point: The guilty AF doggos below, all of whom will definitely be on Santa’s naughty list this holiday season.

1. “We didn’t keep the receipt because they aren’t really the type of gifts you can return.”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Dog Shaming


2. *rolls eyes slowly towards the cat*

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: pandaeyed / Imgur

3. “We regret nothing!”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Tientchikz / Imgur

4. “Dude, hold my beer while I top the tree with a star.”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: dream_big8 / Reddit

5. “They said to wait, but I’m just going to open one of my prezzies early.”

Credit: TracySpiridakos / Imgur

6. “And I’d do it again, your Honour!” *shakes paw in defiance*

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Tientchikz / Imgur

7. “If it shines, iz mines.”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: ohlittlewolf / Imgur

8. Knows that cute, well-timed head tilts can get your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Dog Shaming

9. “The anticipation was killing us!”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Dog Shaming

10. “It was that or the Menorah.”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Hatef*cktards / Reddit

11. “It’s the thought that counts, amirite?”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Dog Shame / Tumblr

12. “I plead the Fifth!”

dogs-that-ruined-christmasCredit: Dog Shaming

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