16 Times Your Dog Was Basically Your S.O.

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We have a lot of relationships with our pets. Sometimes, they feel like our children or our partners in crime, and we realize we've never felt closer to another living thing on this earth.


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Sometimes, we treat them just like a significant other. Not in a weird way, but in a "here's a living thing that loves me enough to do things it doesn't want to do, and I'm okay with that sometimes" kind of way.

Here are 16 pets who KNOW AND UNDERSTAND the struggle of being your S.O.


1. When she picks out your clothes because she knows what “looks good on you.”

Credit: corgistagrams/ Instagram


2. When he takes “I’ll follow you anywhere” a bit too literally.

Credit: bullyinstagram/ Instagram


3. When she always hogs the blanket.

Credit: upiyuuma/ Instagram


4. When she talks you into going on a double date that turns out to be exactly as fun as you thought it would be (aka not fun at all).

Credit: secretlifeofpauley/ Instagram


5. When you know you’ll forgive all of their faults because they always remember your birthday and bake you cupcakes.

Credit: oliverthepepperoni/ Instagram


6. When you realize you’re always the one doing the dishes, and you don’t even care because you love them THAT. MUCH.

Credit: bernardo_golden/ Instagram


7. When she convinces you that dressing alike will be really cute and not weird at all.

Credit: eviebilik/ Instagram

8. When you realize that spending a whole night taking cute couple selfies actually IS really amazing.

Credit: southbaysmith/ Instagram

9. When you’re trying to sleep, but she just really wants to take a picture.

Credit: bex.reg/ Instagram

10. When you thought it was just going to be the two of you, and she invites a third wheel.

Credit: aom_myshop/ Instagram

11. When hug time is not optional.

Credit: humphrey_doglovitch/ Instagram

12. When she likes taking pictures waaaaaaayyy more than you do.

Credit: mg_viv/ Instagram

13. When they’re comfortable and you’re definitely not, but you don’t move because you don’t want to wake them up.

Credit: paulookaville/ Instagram

14. When she treats you like the queen that you are, and it maaayyybeee goes to your head a little.

Credit: kitty292/ Instagram

15. When you just have to designate Sunday morning as stay-in-bed-and cuddle time.

Credit: jaynf4/ Instagram

16. When you get lost in each other’s eyes to the point that it’s almost weird.

Credit: febefinna92/ Instagram