Baby Animals Playing In The Snow Will Melt Your Insides

So often we find ourselves dreading the first snowfall of winter. The cold toes, the midnight shovelling, the snowed-under cars… Ugh. But for these baby animals getting their first taste of winter, snow is magical!


1. Tunneling Kittens

These three intrepid little siblings are so at home in the snow that they've made their own fort!

Tunneling kittens
credit: Cuteness

2. Bernese Bounder

This nine week-old Bernese Mountain pup has discovered her native element!

Bernese Bounder
credit: Giphy

3. Dramatic Doglets

Because everything's more exciting in slow motion!

Dramatic Doglets
credit: Giphy

4. Sampling Cat

"Hmm. This white stuff… It's a little less delicious than it looks?"

Sampling Cat
credit: Giphy

5. Curious Puppy

"But where did the grass go?!" sniff sniff sniff

6. Astonished Kitten

"Guys. GUYS. There's, like, FROZEN WATER falling from SKY. What do we DO???"

7. Snow Bunny

She takes a headfirst approach to life. Can't fault her for that.

Snow Bunny
credit: Giphy

8. Reluctant Kitten

This little kitten isn't so sure about the snow… but she's not going to let her dog friend leave her behind!

17 baby animals experience snow for the first time

9. Happy Doge

"So snow. Very fluff. Much peace. –- OMG IS BALL!!"

17 baby animals experience snow for the first time


10. Shoveling Dog

Man, I wish I could get this excited about shoveling the sidewalk.

17 baby animals experience snow for the first time

11. Snow Pack

This happy gang of husky pups is right at home in the snow.

12. Snow Horde

And if four puppies frolicking wasn't enough joy for you... how about FIFTEEN?

13. Capering Cat

This kitty has invented a special snow-day dance to express her joy.

Capering Cat
credit: Giphy

14. Missing the Point Pup

All that snow to play in and he still chases his leash?!

Missing the Point Pup
credit: Giphy

15. Leaping Labrador

Little labby could not possibly be happier that school is closed today!

16. Galumphing Dog


17 baby animals experience snow for the first time

17. Warming Up

But as these little guys will soon discover, one of the best parts of playing in the snow is getting warm again afterward!

Warming Up
credit: Giphy
Warming up Pup
credit: Giphy
Warming up kitty
credit: Giphy

Play hard and stay cozy, friends!