18 Funniest Times Dogs Ruined Their Lives

Everyone makes mistakes in life— dogs are no exception.

1. This doggo who has literally no idea how it got here ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

Credit: theseareafewofmyfavoritethings / Imgur

2. This doggo who found a Roomba with a view.

Credit: Makattic / Reddit

3. This Shibu doggo who shrubbed itself, but tried to play it cool.

Credit: Slimjin / Reddit

4. This doggo who tried to learn to swim.

Credit: GIPHY

5. This doggo who's learning doors.

Credit: Ultimate-ninja / Reddit

6. This doggo who tried to change a tire.

Credit: DaveyCricket / Reddit

7. This doggo who just wanted to take a nap.

Credit: TheDonCuffy / Imgur

8. This doggo who can’t say no to a good belly rub.

Credit: totallynotabear / Reddit

9. This doggo who isn’t afraid to let the little things slide.

Credit: farhankhan120 / Imgur

10. This doggie duo who knows two heads are better than one.

Credit: VetKop / Imgur

11. This doggo who gives new meaning to ‘somewhere over the rainbow.'

Credit: Brown Hound Eyes / Tumblr

12. This doggo who instantly regretted saying yes to anything and everything that led up to this moment.

Credit: GleamTheCube / Reddit

13. This doggo who was also far too trusting.

Credit: sawitfirst / Reddit

14. This doggo who will never, ever go into the bathroom again in this lifetime.

Credit: athanathios / Reddit

15. This doggo who ate ~all~ of the bumblebees.

Credit: skyline_kid / Reddit

16. This Border Collie doggo who comes with some hang-ups about the modern world and late-stage capitalism.

Credit: SilentWes / Reddit

17. This doggo who isn’t feline so fine after he crossed the wrong cats.

Credit: flutexgirl / Reddit

18. This doggo who didn’t accelerate to attack speed. (Huh, wut?)

Credit: GIPHY

True story: this GIF was the inspiration for Michael Bay’s Transformers: Bark Of The Moon.

Credit: GIPHY

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