21 Pets Who Are Totally Over Your Halloween BS

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Pets in costumes are probably the best thing about Halloween. Or at least, it’s the best thing for the humans who get to look at the pets in said costumes. Sometimes, the pet modeling the look is... let’s call it less pleased with the whole situation.

Here are 21 pets who are completely over Halloween and ready to burn their costumes into oblivion.

1. It’s the Sad Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Credit: zombiemeowz/ Instagram

2. Pug Vader is trying to Force Choke you.

Credit: dieselpugwell/Instagram


3. Grumpy Bunny is the rarest of Beanie Babies.

Credit: meepygal/ Instagram

4. Shark Dog wishes his costume was a real shark that was really eating him.

Credit: hoodyboii_/ Instagram


5. Octopus Dog is not amused.

Credit: amiiiboo/ Instagram

6. Zebra Cat’s owner knows she might die in her sleep for this costume.

Credit: fatterrific/ Instagram


7. This cat wants to abolish Halloween entirely.

Credit: keto_amy96/ Instagram

8. Pirate Cat is using language that would make sailors cringe in his head.

Credit: love_art_dingo/ Instagram


9. Dinosaur Cat wishes he were extinct.

Credit: rachelerin/ Instagram

10. Lobster Dog just doesn’t understand why this is happening.

Credit: philsons05/ Instagram


11. Frog Pug is saddened by this whole situation.

Credit: heypugcake/ Instagram

12. Cowboy Pug is now questioning every one of his life choices.

Credit: brailynnpatten/ Instagram


13. Shark Bunny is exhausted by your antics, human who put her in this costume.

Credit: lifeofdaisyandwillow/ Instagram

14. Spaghetti Beagle could not be more embarrassed by this costume.

Credit: fancybarberpants/ Instagram


15. Pig Chihuahua is going to stare you down until you remove. This. Costume.

Credit: amyamm/ Instagram

16. Sailor Cat is going to destroy everything his owner loves tonight.

Credit: sam_holbrook/ Instagram


17. Shark Cat is completely immobilized by his costume. And also, he hates you.

Credit: flowtoe/ Instagram

18. Hot Dog Pug has already heard of all your jokes, so just shut up and move along, okay?

Credit: c0dyjam3s/ Instagram

19. Tuxedo Cat can’t remember a time when life wasn’t terrible.

Credit: chateaulemeow/ Instagram

20. Sailor Moon Cat doesn’t care how much you liked the cartoon when you were a kid; she still hates this outfit.

Credit: chateaulemeow/ Instagram

21. Unicorn Bulldog will impale you if you get too close.

Credit: denisedpmettey/ Instagram