7 Marriage Proposal Ideas Involving Cute Animals

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When preparing to propose, it's best to consult the experts. And who knows more about love than your pet?


Plus, animals make everything more memorable (and Instagrammable).

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How can anyone say no when the question is posed on four paws?


1. Declare Your Love with the Help of Your Dog

Nothing says "Let's do this" like a diamond ring--except when that ring is delivered by a dog. Who can say no to those eyes? That nose? That furry doggy face? Attach the ring to the collar or a bow, and get ready to start your new life together.


Image source: Kim Payant Photography, Stylemepretty.com

2. Ask from Afar with a Carrier Pigeon

Popping the question from a distance? Let a carrier pigeon do the leg (or wing) work. These amazing birds have been used throughout history to carry important codes and messages--and they're a pretty perfect way to tell someone you'll always come home to her.



Image source: Livehdwallpaper.com

3. Say Yes Right Meow

Make up for your cat's many unwelcome "presents" (disemboweled field mouse, anyone?) by making her your proposal messenger. If that doesn't give your beloved the warm fuzzies, nothing will.


Image source: Photo by Dhareza Maramis Via LoveMeow

4. Make the Puppy the Proposal

If the two of you have always talked about getting a pet once things are more serious, there's no better way to signal your readiness for the long haul than with a new addition to the family. (NB: You're still on the hook for a ring.)


Image: Paper Heart Photography

Article Source: HowHeAsked.com

5. Convey Your Desires with a Kitten

Want your partner to fall in love all over again? Throw a kitten in the mix (not literally, dumbass). It's impossible to say no to anything when confronted with a tiny meow machine.



Image: http://www.tehcute.com/tiny-kitten-in-a-box.html Article: Metro.co.uk

6. Carry a Fetching Message

Just look at that face. Could there be a better way to show your love? Consider writing your special question on a bumper, ball, or even carved into a stick for your doggy dearest to retrieve and bring to your intended.


Image: A.J. Dunlap Photography
Article: AJDunlap.com

7. Paint a Colorful Future Together

When you want to go big, make a mural and consider painting with your pet's help. Using paints safe for animals, make some paw prints on a sheet of paper or canvas to go along with the words. An engagement is a promise to love someone forever, so your furry family members should also have the opportunity to sign their approval.

Image: Michael Downes Photography


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