7 "Stranger Things" Animal Costumes That Have Already Won Halloween

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It's official: Stranger Things has taken over the world, and Halloween. We're so into it, though, because the costume idea works even better when you add animals. (Although, really, doesn't everything work better with animals?) Here are some adorable pups rocking it:

1. Here's a costume you can do WITH your dog. LOVE IT.

Credit: @taco_thedog/Instagram

2. Seriously, this goldendoodle is doing Eleven better than most humans.

Credit: @oliverthegoldendoodle/Instagram


3. And this version ain't bad, either!

Credit: @dogsoftsp/Instagram

4. All you need to get your dog Stranger Things-upped is some Christmas lights!.

Credit: @daleenas/Instagram


5. The wig. I mean....

Credit: @mkalinow1/Instagram

6. A+++++.

Credit: @itsdougthepug/Instagram


7. Barb FTW!!

Credit: @itsdougthepug/Instagram