9 Fun Gifts For Crazy Cat Ladies

By Reyna Abraham

For all you female cat lovers out there—whether you own a cat, have friends who are cats, or simply appreciate cats in all their feline glory a la ancient Egyptians—here are some must haves. From juice cups to kitty print leggings, any one of these items would make your favorite cat lover purr—or whatever the human equivalent is—with delight.


(Know a crazy cat fan of the male purr-suasion? Don't worry, a gift list for cat-loving dudes is coming soon.)

1 - Dress to Impress with a Clever Cat Shirt


Image: Studio6

I don't know about you, but I believe a sarcastic t-shirt that ALSO features a feline is a definite must. If there's one thing cat ladies go crazy for (other than cats, duh) it's a mischievous and somewhat cynical comment shirt laden with mockery, a touch of derision, and humor. Lots of humor.

2 - Add Some Charm with a Necklace


Image: Etsy

No cat, or cat lady, likes to be collared, but these personalized initial necklaces are gorgeous. Simple, adorable, and a little elegant, your favorite cat lady would be crazy not to love it.

3 - Get Cozy in Cat Print PJs


Image: zappos.com

These cat pajamas really are the cat's pajamas. Cozy and warm, and covered in playing cats and kittens, these pj's from Zappos.com make the perfect gift for any cuddly cat lover.

4 - De-Stress with a Cat Coloring Book


Image: amazon.com

Nothing is more relaxing at the end of a stressful day than taking some me time—or should I say, meow time. What better way to relieve anxiety and unwind than to grab some colored pencils and your favorite cat-themed coloring book.

5 - Take Over the World with a Cool Cat Print


Image: studio6

We cat ladies all know who really rules the household, but what does one do when one house isn't enough? Capture the kitty craving for world domination with this awesome print.

6 - Give a Toast with Cat Tumblers


Adorable and yet functional, these Cat Tao Glasses capture that playful kitty spirit. Each glass has yin-yang like images of both the good and the bad, the purr and the hiss, the lovable and the aloofness of every cat [lady].

7 - Try These Leggings on for Size


Image: Society6

Work out in style with these spacey cat print leggings. It doesn't matter if you plan on going to the gym, running, or just curling up on the couch, 'cause these leggings are totally out of this world.

8 - Give a Donation in Her Name


Image: aspca.org

If your cat lady has enough stuff and can't stand the thought of any more gifts (yeah, right), consider making a donation to the ASPCA or any other feline rescue in her name. It's a meaningful way to tell her you care about her AND the thing she cares about--namely, cats.

9 - Give Her Cats, Cats, and More Cats


Image: Etsy

Seriously, there's nothing better than having a cat unless it is having more cats. You should probably check first, but what crazy cat lady can say no to another cat? If for some very strange reason she can say no, consider giving her a custom cat pillow with a picture of her favorite cat on it--for when she wants to snuggle but her cat doesn't.