9 Money & Time-Saving Tips For Cat Owners

Maya Marin

We adore our feline friends, but making sure that they're well cared for can be time-consuming and expensive -- especially for those living in multi-cat households. We cat lovers at Cuteness can certainly sympathize. That's why we've got these nine tips to share with you that could save you a bit of time and moolah. Interested? We thought so!

1 - Chalk Keeps Ants Away From Cat Food

Image: guff.com

Ants marching their way into your cat food bowls? Stop 'em in their tracks with a simple chalk outline. Believe it or not, ants won't walk across chalk!


2 - Pinecones Will Keep Kitty Away From Planters

Image: Getty Images

If Kitty goes potty in your planters (or just roots around in them), we've got an easy solution -- pinecones! Cats hate how these pinecones feel underfoot, so simply layer the soil around the plants with the prickly pods and you're done.


3 - Green Tea as a Litter Box Deodorizer

Image: Getty Images

Litterbox odor getting out of hand but you're out of your favorite deodorizer? Save a trip to the store and add dried green tea leaves to the box instead.


4 - Use Rubber Gloves/Squeegee To Remove Cat Fur From Furniture

Image: Getty Images

Stop buying those expensive, paper-wasting lint rollers! Grab your rubber dishwashing glove instead and run a gloved hand over your hair-covered furniture. You'll be amazed at how quickly the rubber removes pet fur! Extra tip: for larger areas, use a squeegee.


5 - Catch Fleas With a Candle & Water Trap

Image: WikiHow

Flea infestation? You'll definitely need to get your kitty treated with anti-flea medication and possibly call a professional exterminator. In the meantime, you might want to try this quick flea-catching solution. Simply float a tealight in a shallow dish of soapy water. The fleas will be attracted by the heat and jump into the makeshift moat.


6 - Use a Pitcher as A Quick Pet Feeder

Image: muji.us

Want a faster way to feed Felix? Use a plastic pitcher or reusable cereal container as an easy-pour cat food container!


7 - A Dryer Sheet Doubles as a Lint Roller

Image: Downy.com

If you've run out of lint rollers and you're covered in kitty fur, here's an alternate solution  -- rub yourself down with a dryer sheet.


8 - Pet Food Container on Wheels = Better Cat Litter Storage

Image: ContainerStore.com

Stop struggling with those heavy, unwieldy cat litter containers/bags. Use a wheeled pet food container as litter storage instead. Also, don't forget to purchase a large aluminum scooper for super easy litter box refilling!


9 - Double-Sided Tape Keeps The Claws Off

Image: Amazon

What to make a certain surface a no-claw zone? Whether it's a favorite armchair or the kitchen counter top, you can booby trap it with some double-sided tape. Felines hate that tacky feeling on their paws, so all you need to do is apply a few sticky strips onto the off-limits area to stop them from clawing, climbing, and counter-surfing.