9 Silly Myths About Certain Dog Breeds

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Making a decision about what kind of dog to get is no easy task. As you do your research and talk to other dog-lovers you might be surprised to hear some pretty silly stereotypes about certain breeds. But we're here to debunk those myths and help make your decision a little easier.


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1. Chihuahuas are yappy.

Any dog is going to bark. It's just the way it is. But don't think that just because you chose a Chihuahua you're going to be plagued with ear-piercing barks 24/7. While they are very protective of their owners and get excited just like any other breed, they're not any more or less yappy than the next pup.


2. Pugs are lazy.

Branded as the official couch potato of the dog world, pugs are often thought of as lazy and ones that would rather snooze than play. I mean sure, they enjoy a good snuggle session while you binge watch an entire season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix in one weekend, but they also crave stimulation and a good run around the back yard. So grab that ball and start throwing, human.


3. Pit bulls can lock their jaws.

If any breed gets a notoriously bad rap, it's definitely pit bulls. One nasty rumor going around is that have the ability to bite down and literally lock their jaws together so their helpless victim has no hopes of escape. FALSE. These dogs aren't part robot, people. Their jaws work the same as any other breed.


4. Long-haired dogs need to be shaved in the summer.

Remember back in middle school when you were so sure you'd look fab with short hair, but then all you wanted to do was hide for the next 6 months while it grew back? Yeah, that's how your Siberian Husky is going to feel if you shave them this summer. They may look hot with all that hair but their fur is actually designed to let the heat escape when the temperatures rise. Bet you didn't know your dog came with a built in AC!


5. Greyhounds need tons of exercise.

Just because they're known as racing dogs, people assume greyhounds require tons of daily exercise. What people don't know though is that their endurance level is actually really short. If you talk to anyone that actually has a greyhound, you'll be surprised to find out that they're really pretty lazy.


6. Pit bulls are genetically driven to kill people.

Pit bulls weren't designed in a lab by sadistic scientists looking to unleash a killer breed on the world. They're just like any other animal and their behavior is influenced by a bunch of things, like how much you snuggle them and how many belly rubs they get each day. Loving owners have loving pets. End of story.


7. English bulldogs stink.

That putrid smell coming from your neighbor's English Bulldog has nothing to do with extra stink glands embedded in their skin or being a distant cousin of Pepé Le Pew and everything to do with the folds on their face and tail not being properly cleaned. With a good bi-weekly wipe down, Bulldogs are just as sweet-smelling as any other pooch.


8. Jack Russells are hyperactive.

If you tell your friends you're thinking about getting a Jack Russell, they'll probably look at you like you're nuts and ramble on about how hyperactive those dogs are. And sure, your friends mean well but they couldn't be more wrong. While Jack Russells do pack a lot of energy in a tiny body, they really just need some exercise and mental stimulation like the rest of us. A good game of Frisbee and a nice long walk should do the trick.

9. Rottweilers are vicious.

Even though Rottweilers were originally bred as guard dogs and their super deep bark may sound intimidating, don't let that scare you off from befriending one. They actually make great BFF's and a well-socialized pup will greet your guests with a wagging tail and an affectionate lick to the face.

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