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A chipoo, known by a number of other names, including wapoo and fiesta poo, is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Poodle, normally of the toy or miniature variety. Chipoos are considered a "designer dog," and can be registered with a number of organizations as an official mixed breed. They are fun-loving and playful little dogs, and are perfect for apartments. Because of their size, however, they are not recommended for families with small children.

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Size and Appearance

A chipoo's size depends on the size of the dog's poodle parent. Generally, they are between five and 15 inches tall, and will weigh between three and 20 pounds when full-grown. Their curly coat more closely resembles that of a poodle, but their body shape and build varies. They may look more like a chihuahua, more like a toy poodle, or some combination thereof. They all tend to have tails like chihuahuas, however.


Personality and Temperament

Though chipoos have an independent streak, they are fiercely devoted to their owners. If not socialized properly as puppies, they may become overprotective or territorial. They are friendly companion dogs, and love attention from their owners and other people, although they may be suspicious of strangers. Although they are highly energetic, they also are good lap dogs.

Exercise and Training

Chipoos dislike cold weather and definitely are indoor dogs. As toy dogs, they have plenty of room to run inside, and are very fast for their size. If chipoos are taken outside, they should wear a sweater if the temperature is below 50 degrees. They are intelligent dogs and easy to train. Their independent streak means they can be stubborn, but they are responsive to positive reinforcement.


Care and Feeding

High quality food specially formulated for small or toy dogs is recommended. Chipoos are generally light shedders, but their coat should be groomed regularly and trimmed every few months as needed. At least once every two months or as needed, a chipoo should be bathed. The dog should be brushed before and after bathing to reduce shedding.

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