About English Coonhounds

American English coonhounds are sporty, powerful and elegant dogs who count Virginia hounds as their forefathers. Virginia hounds, further back, have English foxhound ancestry. American English coonhounds' origins lie in the United States, rather than in the United Kingdom. They're often simply called "English coonhounds."



American English coonhounds were bred to navigate rocky and tough U.S. landscapes, as their ancestors were accustomed to the mostly smoother grounds of England. They were originally used for hunting purposes, typically going after raccoons or foxes. In modern times, American English coonhounds retain their adept hunting abilities. Not only are they exceptionally fast canines, they also boast lots of stamina.


These doggies have coarse fur that is moderate in length. Their coloring varies, and can be anything from black and white to mottled white with blue or red. Adult American English coonhounds often grow to be 26 inches tall. They usually weigh between 40 and 65 pounds. Their physiques are generally lithe and sinewy.

Typical Behavior

American English coonhounds are neighborly and jovial with people and fellow canines alike. They are, in most cases, loving and gentle animals. Other common descriptive traits of American English coonhounds include vigilance, courage and abundant vitality. They aim to make the people around them happy. Training them is usually a straightforward task, and they often retain information quickly. If they're properly trained and socialized, they work well alongside children, but always with heedful supervision.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

These medium-sized pooches thrive on physical activity, what with their extensive hunting history. Frequent exercise is of utmost importance for them. They need not only long walks each day, but also lots of jogging. If they don't get sufficient exercise, it could result in behavioral issues -- think furniture chewing.

Grooming Needs

Since American English coonhounds have such short fur, their grooming requirements aren't particularly extensive or time-consuming. They do shed from time to time, but not immoderately. It's important to brush their coats about once each week. Bristle brushes are generally beneficial for their coat maintenance. They only need baths every several months or so, unless their coats for whatever reason come into contact with anything messy .


One of the most memorable qualities of the American English coonhound is his trademark bark or "bawl," which is similar to those of many hounds. These sounds are clear and loud, even from relatively far away.

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