About the Norwich Terrier

Norwich terriers are merry and peppy doggies who come from the East Anglia area of England. As far as the terrier world goes, these guys are on the smallish side. Historically, Norwich terriers were employed on farms to go after pests, such as foxes and rats.



These robust pooches generally weigh around 12 pounds at full maturity, with heights of about 10 inches. Their coarse, tough fur appears in several different color varieties, including grayish, beige, black, light yellowish-brown and red. They have double coats -- smooth on the bottom and rough on the top. Some other standout features of the terrier breed are erect ears, broad heads, sizable teeth and tiny eyes. Facially, they somewhat resemble foxes.


Norwich terriers thrive in the company of their families and usually are peaceful around fellow animals. However, they do have hunting in their roots and might occasionally run after particularly small creatures, so take note and pay attention. When it comes to the people they love, they crave attention. They don't usually enjoy being by themselves. They are faithful, sweet and tender around their families. As speedy learners, Norwich terriers respond well to training, although they sometimes can display headstrong attitudes. If they're trained well, they are usually harmonious around kids. It's always important and smart to monitor any children-and-dog interplay, however.

Coat Maintenance

Coats of Norwich terriers not only need frequent grooming once or twice per week, they also need routine stripping, too -- think two times annually. Hand stripping entails, essentially, the extraction of dead hairs from the top coat. Many professional groomers provide hand-stripping services for dogs with these rough, wire-like coats. Frequent bathing is unnecessary. You can bathe your Norwich terrier several times a year, or whenever he really needs it -- say after a particularly soggy and muddy walk outdoors.


These diligent terriers adjust well to many types of living environments, whether rural, suburban or urban. However, they are full of vitality and so need plenty of exercise, every single day of the year. They love daily brisk walks, but also enjoy brief jogging sessions, too. Norwich terriers are curious and also like to investigate their surroundings. If they're not sporting leashes at the time, however, this type of investigation is only appropriate in secure and closed-off environments, such as your fenced backyard.

Medical Considerations

Overall, Norwich terriers are happy and healthy canines. Some are prone to various health issues, such as luxating patella, cardiomyopathy and upper airway syndrome. If provided with regular veterinary care and a positive lifestyle with nutritious dog food and ample exercise, however, doggies of this breed can often live for up to 15 years.

By Naomi Millburn

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