About Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire terriers are tiny pooches native to England and Scotland. In the 1800s, Yorkies were often used to retrieve rats inside textile factories. Nowadays, these compact and uber-fluffy cuties are extremely common pets internationally.


About Yorkshire Terriers

These canines are some of the smallest around, typically weighing anywhere between 4 and 7 pounds. They're usually 8 or 9 inches tall. Sizes are similar for both sexes. Yorkshire terriers boast extremely lengthy and luxurious coats that have shiny and smooth textures. Their fur is a blend of beige and deep grayish-blue, with beige in the front of the body and grayish-blue all over the back portions. Ancestors of the breed include Waterside terriers and Paisley terriers.


Yorkshire terriers display confident behavior, almost as if they haven't the foggiest idea of just how wee they really are. They're always up for excitement -- and often for a little bit of good, old-fashioned and cheeky misbehavior, too. Yorkies are curious dogs who enjoy exploring and investigating their areas.


As terriers through and through, Yorkies possess some behavioral patterns characteristic of the group. Yorkshire terriers can be extremely headstrong, and frequently they want to do what they want to, instead of listening to you. Training Yorkies can be straightforward, but it also can be tough when this type of behavior comes out.


When in the company of unfamiliar animals, or particularly diminutive ones, Yorkshire terriers sometimes behave rather truculently. This is another common terrier behavior. Because of the possibility of your little one showing her fierce side, always closely monitor her when she's around fellow animals.


Many Yorkies are rather bark-happy. Some of them start barking whenever anything new comes into their field of vision, or when they hear even the subtlest noise. However, with some training, barking in the little guys can often be kept moderate.

Loving Attention
Yorkshire terriers thrive on regular interplay and attention from the people in their lives. Isolation and Yorkies do not go together. Many of them follow their owners around faithfully no matter where they go, whether it's to the basement or to the living room. With their owners, Yorkies are often loving and tender. However, they can be cautious and wary around new persons.

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