Adoptable Dog Of The Day: Jamie

By Cuteness Team

It's Adopt-a-Dog Month! So, we're bringing you adorable pups ready to come home with you. Today, meet Jamie!

Breed: Great Dane

Age: Adult

Size: Extra large

Gender: Female

Location: Aurora, CO

Her adoption agency says:

She would make a loving addition to the right person/family who understands a dog that might be a little scared and growl at strangers at first but given the right amount of love and affection, will make a perfect member to your team. She is leery at first and may not be the right dog for a family with young children because she doesn't handle lots of visitors very well, but once she knows that she is safe, she won't leave your side and will be a very loyal companion. Etta James is good with other dogs and is currently living with a Dane and a Mastiff. She also has no issues with cats. She is house trained and trusted with free roam. She will see you off in the morning and be the first to greet you when you return home. Etta James is EXTREMELY sloppy when eating and drinking with her big ole jowls, so it's important to keep a towel handy and she does not mind it while you dry her jowls, it's in her game plan. Let's be honest, if there were a GOLD medal for slobber..we have a winner! Etta James is 3.5 years old and understands no, lay down and wait. She does not dig or chew can be trusted to walk off leash, and stairs are no problem.

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