10 Animals Who Are Doing The Holidays Better Than You

The holiday season is a time for relaxation, gluttony, and reflection. While plenty of people can find the friend and family filled time stressful, here are just a few animals who know how to perfectly celebrate the season.


1. You may look cute in a sweater, but you don’t look this cute.

2. Nobody can make this lion take his holiday decorations down before he’s ready.

3. This cat was brave enough to admit it doesn’t want to celebrate traditionally.

4. This dog looks like a total baller for football season.

5. Leaf piling like a total boss *finger snaps.*

6. Everybody else may be dieting, but this fish knows food is the best part of the season.

Credit: RacecarIsRacecarBackwards/ Imgur

7. You may fear the cold weather, but this owl fears nothing.

Credit: Animalygifs

8. This cat stays true to his holiday skepticism no matter what everyone else wants.

9. It isn’t even Christmas morning and this dog is already having the best day ever.

10. You’re busy making New Year’s Resolutions while this cat is totally fine with who he is.

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