Are Puppies Hyper After Being Spayed?

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If you're ready to spay your puppy but you aren't sure how it may affect her behavior, don't worry -- it won't make her hyper. Puppies typically become less irritable during what would have been their heat cycles. This means that during the twice-annual estrus periods, she'll likely be more even tempered after being spayed.


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Post-Spay Behavior

Puppies going through heat can become restless, anxious and irritable as their hormones compel them to explore and find a mate. After your puppy is spayed, however, that interest wanes, and she no longer experiences that discomfort during heat. If anything, being spayed has the potential to make your puppy more calm. Her vigor is likely a result of her youthful curiosity, but if you're concerned that your pup is too energetic, consult your veterinarian to ensure that her energy levels are healthy.

By Tom Ryan


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