Awesome Etsy Finds For Dog Lovers

Jeremy Sutheim

Hey dog parents! Spoil your dog AND support independent artisans by buying some supercool handmade products from Etsy. Here are some of our top picks.

1 - Bowtie Collars (with Matching Leashes)

Image: Silly Buddy

Look at these dapper dogs! If you need to get your furry friend ready for a fancy occasion, Silly Buddy has got you covered. They have dozens of different prints to choose from, plus seasonal items like this adorable watermelon pattern.

2 - Embroidered Pet Portraits

Image: StitchingSabbatical

For a truly unique spin on the popular idea of pet portraits, check out these custom-made embroidery hoops from Stitching Sabbatical. Those flower crowns! So cute!

3 - Squeaky Pretzel

Image: Little Barkster
This plush squeak toy is shaped like a pretzel. Why? Why not! Satisfy your dog’s cravings at Little Barkster - and if you’re not into pretzels, they’ve got a pizza toy too.

4 - Matching Dog Bandana and (Human) Headband

Image: Juniper Leaves

It’s time to start coordinating outfits with your dog (if you weren’t already). Their selection is limited, but you can find this adorable nautical print set at Juniper Leaves.

5 - Teeny Tiny Dog Bed

Image: Simply Jeanna

Most dogs can fall asleep just about anywhere, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t get to sleep in style. This bed, which comes with matching accent pillows, is perfect for smaller breeds. You can get it from Simply Jeanna.

6 - Dog Umbrella

Image: ButterMakesMeHappy

You know how an umbrella will flip inside out on a really windy day? This innovative dog umbrella/leash hybrid is like that, except actually useful, especially if you have a dog that hates going out in the rain. (If you were hoping that “dog umbrella” meant an umbrella for humans with dogs on it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.)

7 - Sheriff Badge ID Tag

Image: OldPuebloSilverworks

Any dog can be a guard dog if they’re sporting one of these Old West sheriff ID tags. Just look at this handsome fella! So authoritative! Made from your choice of nickel silver or a copper/brass alloy, this tag will hold up whether your dog is chasing bandits or chasing squirrels.

8 - Wall-Mounted Leash Hook

Image: TwoWoodenDots

There are a lot of options for leash hooks on Etsy, but this from one from Two Wooden Dots strikes the perfect balance between adorable and functional. You can take your pick of three breeds, labrador, beagle, or bulldog, and if you can’t decide which one is the cutest, you should probably get one of each.

9 - Pillow Pet Portrait

Image: CaricatureShoppe

Nothing is as nice as snuggling up to a real dog, but these custom pillows will do in a pinch. Each caricature is hand drawn by artist Deb Donnelly based on photos you send in, so it’s sure to capture your pup’s individual canine quirks.

10 - Squeaky Shoe

Image: Paw Pals

If your dog has developed a taste for sneakers, this squeaky plush from Paw Pals is going to be a big hit. Try putting it in your gym bag for a week, so it gets that pungent foot odor aroma dogs seem to love.

11 - Doggy Birthday Cake

Image: TreatDreams

Just because your dog probably doesn’t understand birthdays doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! All the baked goods from Treat Dreams are made from dog-friendly ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, and garbanzo flour, so the birthday pooch can chow down without a care.

12 - Dog Treat Cookie Cutters

Image: DIY Sweet Supply Co.

And if you love the idea of baked goods for dogs, but you’d rather make them yourself, you definitely need this set of miniature dog biscuit cookie cutters. While you’re at it, check out this article on Easy Dog Biscuit Recipes!

13 - Dog Lover Car Decal

Image: Bully Dog Designs

You can’t take your dog with you everywhere you go, but you can go anywhere with these vinyl decals. There are more than seventy different breeds to choose from, so you can pick your favorite. Or get a bunch and cover your whole car with them.

14 - Snuffle Mat from Threads for Rescue

Image: Sniff Sniff Tapis

A snuffle mat is a small rug made from strips of fabric that are perfect for concealing treats or little pieces of kibble for your dog to sniff out. Snuffle mats are great because they combine two of dogs’ favorite thing: sniffing and eating! There are tutorials on how to make a snuffle mat yourself, but if you buy one from Threads for Rescue a portion of the proceeds go to animals in need.

15 - Nose/Fingerprint Pendant

Image: CrownJoolsJewelry

Each dog’s nose is as unique as a human’s fingerprint. That’s why this custom-made silver pendant is so special: it’s crafted from molds of your dog’s actual nose and your actual thumbprint.