Bassett Hound Hip Problems

Bassett hounds are prone to hip problems, specifically hip dysplasia. This condition is a result of abnormal growth of the dog's hip joint. It can ultimately cause arthritis, lameness and pain, according to Pet Place.



According to Just Bassett Hounds, symptoms may include staggering, swaying, abnormal gait, pain when lying down or standing and hesitance to run or jump.


Hip dysplasia in Bassett hounds is caused by genetics, along with other factors, including weight gain, diet and the rate of the dog's growth, according to Just Bassett Hounds.


Surgery can correct the condition, according to Bassett Hound Info, but it may be costly.


Bassett Hound Info indicates that to prevent genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia, it is important that the breeder certifies the dogs have been cleared of this condition.


According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Bassett hounds are ranked 12th in the list of breeds evaluated for the most cases of hip dysplasia from January 1974 to December 2009.

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