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The bostillion is hybrid or designer dog breed not recognized by the American Kennel Club or the Federation Cynologigue Internationale (the parent kennel club in the world). Bostillons are crosses between Boston terriers and papillons. The word "hybrid" is what dog breeders use to describe crosses between different purebred dogs, although the usual definition of "hybrid" is a cross between species.



Boston terriers and papillons can greatly differ in size and weight; thus, the cross is usually a papillon male to a Boston terrier female so delivering the puppies is possible. Papillons average eight to 11 inches tall at the shoulder with a weight of four to nine pounds. Boston terriers average 15 to 17 inches tall with a weight of 10 to 25 pounds, according to "Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds." The bostillon can then range anywhere from eight to 17 inches tall and from four to 25 pounds.


Bostillons can come in a variety of colors and patterns, depending on whether the Boston terrier side is more dominant or the papillion side is more dominant. A mix of black and white in a "tuxedo" pattern seems to be the most common color. Another color pattern is that of mostly white with black or tan patches around the ears, eyes, tail or back.


Boston terriers are short haired dogs, but papillons are long haired dogs. This means that bostillons can be all short haired, all long haired, or have a mixture of long and short hair. Long hair tends to appear on the large ears, tail and legs, according to Dog Breed


Although America does have a National Hybrid Registry for hybrid dogs, it does not recognize the bostillon. This is probably because this is such a rare dog hybrid that there are not many bostillon owners demanding any kind of registration. However, the bostillon is recognized by the little-known International Designer Canine Registry. There, breeders can register puppies from two purebred parents or bostillons crossed with bostillons.


Hybrid dogs like bostillons are thought to be healthier than purebreds. The Boston terrier has a flat face that can make breathing difficult. But bostillons are usually born with much longer noses, thanks to the papillion influence, which helps to make the dog breathe easier. Some people also like that their bostillons look different from other breeds of dogs, including other bostillons, according to the International Designer Canine Registry.

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