Can Nose Prints Identify Dogs Like Fingerprints?

Part of your responsibility to your pup is to make sure he's identifiable if he wanders off. There are a variety of ways to track down Duke, including tags, microchips and tattoos. Like your thumbprint, his nose is unique to him. You could make a nose print, but its use would be limited.


Nose for Smelling and Telling

Duke's nose is a tiny map of bumps and ridges that together form a unique pattern that's his alone. No other dog shares his nose pattern, just as your fingerprints are unique to you. Dog "nose printing" would identify a dog, but there's been little progress toward nose-printing dogs and no means of maintaining a database to share the identification information. If you take a print of Duke's nose, it may make a nice little piece of art, but it won't likely do much to identify him at the local shelter. If you won't microchip Duke, he at the least needs a tag with a current phone number securely attached to his collar in the event he gets lost.


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