This Mattress Company Just Invented a New Type of Dog Bed

Casper, the innovative online mattress company, just launched a brand new dog bed that's the result of some serious scientific research into canine sleeping habits. According to their site, this "outrageously comfortable" bed was finally released after 460 hours of laboratory testing, 110 prototypes, and 11 months of dog sleep studies. And what makes it so special? A few things: pressure-free memory foam which both perfectly supports and contours to your pooch's body; ergonomically designed "pillow" head rests (turns out that, like most of us, dogs like some head support when they snooze); incredibly durable materials that not only withstand your dog's instinct to "dig a hole" in their sleeping areas, but the excess surface fabric also mimics the feel of actually displacing dirt and natural debris.


Casper also launched their state-of-the-art dog bed with a video starring adorable dogs, of course. Pet products are typically marketed to pet-owning humans, which we suppose makes sense because pets aren't allowed to open bank accounts. (Not yet, anyway!) But Casper decided to switch up this strategy when launching their brand new pet mattress by marketing directly to our four-legged friends. This meant focus groups that weren't so focused and mobile marketing tactics involving squirrels with sandwich boards.

Check out the hilariously cute video they posted to Facebook to see how they fared.