Could This Outfit Save Your Dog's Life?

Though this badass doggy get-up looks straight out of The Road Warrior, it's a 100% real product designed to protect against a very real threat: coyotes.

If you've got a cat or small-ish dog and live in an area native to coyotes (maybe you've even spotted a few out and about), then you probably freak at the idea of letting your precious furkids hang outside unsupervised.

Enter CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor. It's a dog suit made of Kevlar® — the same stuff bulletproof clothing is made of — to which you can attach fearsome don't-mess-with-me metal spikes and a day-glo spray of plastic quills called "CoyoteWhiskers."

Tip: Plastics play a major role in keeping pets safe in households across the U.S., as well as improving the lives of our furry friends in myriad ways.

The vest was invented by Paul and Pam Mott after their beloved dog Buffy was snatched and carried off by a coyote at a neighborhood park, never to be seen again. Although Buffy wasn't on her own at the time, coyotes can be lightning quick when attacking prey, as the Motts tragically discovered. Admirably, the couple wanted to come up with a way to deter attacks without harming the attacker — so the CoyoteVest was born. The thinking behind the suit is simple: Would you want to clamp your jaws around that painfully prickly-looking punk rock porcupine thingie?

If you're skeptical about the efficacy of the suit, you're not alone. A few online commenters have said, in so many words, that the only way the suit could possibly work is if the dog manages a quick getaway while Mr. Coyote is busy howling with laughter.

But only time and actual user experience will tell whether the haters are right or if the vest really does protect against coyotes and other predators. If you've got reason to worry about the safety of your furkid, you might just want to make the investment. A "Starter Pack" with vest, spikes, and whiskers will set you back $109.85. After all, any protection is better than none. Plus there's the whole Mad Max factor to consider which, let's be honest, may be worth the price tag alone.