Cuteness Interviews Frank the Funny Frenchie

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When it comes to pets, I think we can all agree that the more, the merrier. Frank the Funny Frenchie isn't the only famous pet in his family; his bro-fur Manny is arguably one of the most famous celebrity dogs around. Although it can be tough living in your famous older sibling's shadow, for Frank, he's all about being himself and enjoying the fruits of his bro-fur's labor. Frank the Funny Frenchie took a few minutes out of his busy day snoozing away to tell us about what it's like having a super famous family member, what makes Mondays a bit better, and which fad he wishes was gone forever.


Frank, your bro-fur Manny is quite the celebrity. What has it been like having a famous older brother?

Totally cool! Manny shares his treats and goodies he gets from all his travels and always brings us back something cool. He never forgets us at home and we love him!

You love to snooze! What's your favorite sleeping spot?


I love sleeping in my cage. My humans leave it open for me all day to access it whenever I want. But in the warmer months I love to nap in from of the fan and in the colder months, I live in front of the space heater.

Out of all the fundraisers and initiatives you've been a part of to help other animals and/or people, of which are you the most proud?

Everything we do for our fellow Frenchies is so cool, but when my big brother Manny went to visit the girl with cystic fibrosis, that was paw-some! It cheered her up so much and made her feel 100x better! So proud of him and all he does. I would have probably farted too loud and scared her away!


It's pretty clear that you hate Mondays just as much as we do. What is one thing that could happen every week to make Mondays tolerable?

I don't really tell anyone this, but I LOVE to suckle plush toys. I know, embarrassing right, but it's my fav thing to do especially on Mondays! I just hang in my cage, nap and suckle my toy. Before I know it, it's taco Tuesday!

Some people say that you look like an "old man." Does this offend you or do you agree?


I agree, but it's far from my personality. I'm a teddy bear or sugar bear as Mom calls me. I just happen to be born with my bottom lip tucked in and a silly look on face!

What fad do you wish would come back? Which do you feel should stay gone forever?

Uggs are the worst, THE WORST!

What words of wisdom would you like to share with the world?


Sleep. Suckle. Eat. Repeat.

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