Cuteness Interviews Garfi The World's Angriest Cat

He's a hilariously hot-tempered feline with a face to match. Who are we talking about? Garfi, the World's Angriest Cat of course—a fuzzball with serious stink eye and snippy one-liners that bring daily delight to his social media fans across the globe. This Persian kitty has been featured on national TV and major publications worldwide including Live with Kelly & Michael, USA Today, and The Telegraph among many others. So if you're looking to add more laughs to your life, we recommend you jump on the bandwagon and follow Garfi on Facebook and Instagram. But whatever you do, don't ask Garfi if his anger is just an act or else you'll get on his bad side! Oh wait, he has nothing BUT bad sides. We found out the hard way.


Read our exclusive interview with Garfi below.

We have a suspicion that you may not really be angry as you look. Are we right?

How dare you ask me whether or not I am as angry as I look? Of course I am! What my owners didn't know when they first got me was that I have my own rulebook and I will punish you if you do not play by my rules. You might think that's reasonable, but I have never told my owners the rules!

So what makes you happy?


If you could be a different animal, what animal would you be and why?

Why would I be something else? I am quite content with being a cat. But since the question wants me to give an answer, I think I would say I would like to be the hybrid dinosaur from the new Jurassic Park. Everyone would then be afraid of me and I would be able to have raptor minions, what else would a cat like me want in life?

How would you spend a billion dollars?

I would invest around half a billion on my upcoming presidential election campaign (TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD) and the other half on fixed rate government bonds of course.

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be and why?

I would like to be the cat from the Bond movies who sits on the villains lap. This way I would have an evil owner whom which I can manipulate!

Out of all your memories, which is the most purr-fect?

I chased a dog down the street once! Most will say the dog didn't understand what was chasing him and just ran away, but the truth is I am just the angriest cat in the world and no one gets away with entering my territory without my permission!

What words of wisdom would you like to share with the world?

For all my human readers: Pets are little thieves who will steal your hearts, adopt one today! For all my pet readers: Haha pets can't read.

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