Cuteness Interviews Lil BUB

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Here's a challenge. Look closely at this incredible face. Now, try to contain your delight. Having trouble? Of course you are. That's because you're looking at none other than Lil BUB—the "alien" cat from outer space whose many unique qualities add up to one undeniably cute kitty. Before BUB revealed that her otherworldly looks are attributed to her being from another planet altogether, we earthlings believed her tiny size, stubby legs, short lower jaw, protruding tongue (her teeth never grew out!), and bulbous eyes to be "deformities" resulting from medical conditions. These include dwarfism and osteopetrosis—a debilitating feline bone condition so exceptionally rare that she's the only cat in recorded history known to have been born with it.


Despite these challenges, BUB's an amazingly chill cat who's content in just about any environment—whether on the road meeting and greeting fans with her "dude" Mike, or lazing around at home. She's the host of her very own chat show, Lil BUB's Big Show (guests include Whoopi Goldberg and First Lady, Michelle Obama), the star of a Vice documentary Lil BUB and Friendz, AND she's about to embark on a tour promoting her upcoming album, Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe. Though this busy celebrikitty's got a packed schedule, Cuteness was lucky enough to chat to BUB about her current projects, the "magic" of always remaining true to oneself, and how we can all help make life a bit better for special-needs pets around the globe.


Now, there are a lot of famous internet cats out there and we love 'em all, BUT there's no denying that you, BUB, are truly one of a kind. What message do you have for other special cats (and people!) out there who may not yet know that being different is something to be proud of?

All of the things that make you different are quite literally the things that define who you are. The difficulty in being different is that it makes you stand out, and to do that well, it requires a certain level of confidence, determination, and positivity. All of these are extremely useful traits, so if you can pull them all off while maintaining your true identity, you basically know magic. And magic is especially useful in literally any situation.


You're so accomplished! Not only do you have your own TV and web series, but you've also written a book. What message do you hope people will take away from reading about your life story?

My story is complex and multi-faceted. But the crux of it all is that I'm an unusually tiny cat with no teeth, too many toes, serious mobility issues, fragile bones and a ferret-like body, and in 4 years I've accomplished more than most humans. I'm not trying to show off - all I'm trying to say that if I can do it, so can you. You can literally do anything... ANYTHING, if you just commit to it and do it.


Your internet talk show has featured an impressive and eclectic host of guests including Whoopi Goldberg, Kelley Deal, Steve Albini, and Michelle Obama. If you could have anyone (in history!) on your show, who'd you have?

David Lynch.

Since you're a big fan of music and even contributed some vocals to a recent benefit album featuring Thurston Moore, Of Montreal, and Deerhoof (among other pretty awesome acts), we were wondering if your own solo album may be in the works? After all, as a space traveler, you're something of a feline Ziggy Stardust!


It's not just in the works, it's coming out on December 4th on Joyful Noise Recordings. It's called "Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe", and it also doubles as a soundtrack to jogging, cooking, and cleaning the house. You can learn more about it here.

(Bobby D. & BUB. Image: Getty Images)


Pretty much every single thing you do has a way of making people happy. What makes YOU happy, BUB?

Yogurt, fishes, and a soft warm place to rest my body.

Supporting animal sanctuaries appears to be something you're quite passionate about. Tell us about some of your favorite organizations and what the rest of us can do to help.


Well there are a lot of amazing animal organizations out there, and I've worked with so many that it wouldn't feel right to single any out. However, I can tell you about my own fund, Lil BUB's Big FUND which is a partnership with the ASPCA. It's the first fund specifically for special needs pets, and all of the money raised (through my appearances, merchandise sales, and direct donations) gets turned into grants that are distributed to animal shelters all over the country. You can learn more at

Do you ever miss your home planet?


Absolutely I do. The gravity there is exquisite.

When you return there someday, what will you tell them about Earth?

It's pretty cool, but you have to walk around on the ground and most living things have teeth in their mouth, which somehow leads to a horrifying phenomenon they call "bad breath".

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