Cuteness Interviews Lola Barksdale

When it comes to celebrities, we all know a few that are prone to diva behavior. This rings true for the celebrity pet world, too. Lola Barksdale, a New York City-based French Bulldog, is accustomed to a certain lifestyle and she has high expectations when it comes to keeping her life exactly how she likes it. Even the most casual observer of her Instagram account will see that she's a girl with very refined tastes evidenced by her special requests for mango flavored rainwater and the installation of purple sidewalks throughout NYC! But, just as we can't help but love our human superstar divas, we also love Lola.


Lola took a few minutes out of her busy day posing majestically for her 85,900 fans on Instagram to chat with us about her unicorn training program, what she'd do if she met her favorite celebrity, and how to get a killer physique using her #BodyByLola exercise program.

Lola, it's no surprise that you're a unicorn in the making. How do you train for your transformation into this majestic creature?

It's been really hard actually. We do flight training in the morning on the couch. Then we glitter-load in the afternoon and three times a week I take a History of Feathers and Wings class. I'm hoping my horn grows in soon.

You're a world class performer with signature moves, like your spins and vocal talents. What do you recommend to others looking to follow in your footsteps?

Thank you! The most important thing about strong vocals is to imitate your favorite non-dog species, like a distressed bird or an irritated seal. You have to really get into their mindset, sort of like method acting. As for Carrot Karaoke, that comes from the heart. You have to just love carrots so much that you can't control the happy noises coming from your throat.

What would you do if you ever met one of your favorite celebs, Adele?

I would nibble her ears and offer to share my snacks.

You're helping people everywhere look as good as you with your #bodybylola campaign. What tips do you have to help people mimic your perfect physique?

There are some easy tricks. The first is to always count your paws. If 3 are showing, that's a good core workout. We call it The Tripod. If 4 paws are showing, you are mastering control of your inner chi. You should also meditate by laying down but keeping your chin up. The humans call this sleeping but it is not. Also: HIRE A DOODLE. They are excellent sparring partners. The fluffier, the better.

You have a pawsome sense of style. What outfit do you plan on wearing for your first Vogue cover?

Just my furs.

You clearly have a taste for fine cuisine. What's your favorite food?

I have four favorite food groups. The first is any sort of fluff, but I prefer sidewalk fluffs and elevator fluffs. Second is fruit and mango is my favorite. Third is cheese. All the cheese. Last but not least is fruit loops, but I only eat the green ones or the purple ones.

What would be the first thing you did if you were president?

I would take every puppy in a shelter and give them each a pony and a bedroom in the White House.

To learn more about Lola Barksdale, follow her on Instagram.