Cuteness Interviews Sam The Eyebrow Cat

Some of us have to bust out the tweezers to get the perfect pair of brows, while some of us are lucky enough to be born with them. Sam the cat is one of the lucky ones. Needless to say, this feline's fascinating face gets loads of attention wherever he goes and by all those who come across his photos on Instagram, Facebook, and his official site. Cuteness was fortunate enough to be able to chat with Sam about his unique look, greatest ambition, and fave outfit. Check out our exclusive interview below!


Hi Sam, so you were born with the most amazing eyebrows ever, how do people and other cats generally react to you when they see you walking down the street?
Their first reaction is usually, 'Oh my god, he really DOES have eyebrows!'...and then they laugh.

If you could be granted a superpower, what superpower would you like to have and why?
The power to break through any food barrier. I pretty much have this power already, but thumbs would be a nice accessory. Champagne wishes and polydactyl dreams.


Describe your purrrrfect weekend and how you'd like to spend it.
Hanging out in the backyard watching Ma trim plants, eating a tomato salad, and having a coquito nitecap (coquito is Puerto Rican eggnog).

What's your favorite TV show that you're addicted to at the moment?
That thing where humans hit a toy back and forth that I can follow on the

If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who you want to switch places with and why? Hamilton the Hipster Cat. I'd love to see what it's like to have my brows sit on my lips instead of my forehead.

Are there an ambitions or goals that you're currently trying to achieve?
Breaking out of the backyard window, figuring out how to open the laundry closet (where Ma is forced to keep food since I always get to it), and catching the red dot.

What's your favorite part about having amazing eyebrows?
The attention ;)

What words of wisdoms would you like to share with the world? Life is too short to worry, even if you may look like you are worried all of the time


Who are the people that inspire you the most?
These unstoppable females: Tardar Sauce because she is an empire, Maccha Cat because she is the funniest feline around, and Ernest Hemingway for being kind enough to believe in unique-looking cats.

You have a pawsome sense of style, what is the favorite outfit that you've worn?
Definitely the tights and boots number because they accentuate my legs.


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