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Meet Sissi the Red Cat—a soccer-playing (check out this amazing video!) and ravioli-stealing feline who hails from Carpenedolo, Brescia, Italy. However, blocking goals and nabbing snacks isn't all that this ginger-haired kitty is up to. She (with help from her human papà, Roberto) are also busy making videos to post on Facebook and YouTube where she has a combined following of over 1.36 million fans around the globe! Mamma mia, that's a whole lot of love for one furball!


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Cuteness recently had the opportunity to chat with Sissi about soccer (of course!), the mysterious allure of toilet paper, and what cats really think about humans.

Hi Sissi. Thanks for doing this interview for your English-speaking fans here at Cuteness! How do you think a cat's life in Italy compares with a cat's life in the US?

I don't think there are so big differences between life in Italy and in US. My routine day is based on food, catnips, cuddles and playtimes with my human friends! I also love birdwatching and to be brushed. Anyway, I say you a little secret: I often dream about living in Hawaii!


Your videos are awesome, especially the one of you playing football—or soccer, as we call it here in America. How did you learn to play like that?! Also, who's your favorite soccer player?

Well, that time my human friend needed goalkeeper to play with, and I offered myself. It was the first time for me to play soccer, but how you saw I'm pretty talented. I'm Italian after all :p
But my favorite soccer gamer actually is Cristiano Ronaldo by now.

We also love the video of you stealing toilet paper from the bathroom. What is it about toilet paper that you find so irresistible?


It isn't about the toilet paper itself, to be honest. It's to see faces of my human friends when they find out that the paper is finished and they need it. Yeah, I know...sometimes I'm a little adorable scamp :3

It seems that toilet paper isn't the only thing you like to grab, evidenced by this funny video of you helping yourself to some yummy-looking homemade pumpkin ravioli. Do you prefer Italian food over any other kind? What's your idea of a perfect meal?

Italian food is obviously fantastic! But I see often my human friends trying food from around the world: Japanese, Mexican, Thai and American, of course. Actually my favorite food at the moment is roast beef: I literally go crazy when they take it home at Saturday. And I'm disappointed when they don't!


We've also seen your human take you out for walks on a harness and leash—just like a dog! Was it easy for you to get used to walking on a leash? Do you think more people should take their cats out for walks?

When I was younger I really like to go out with my beautiful blue leash, but now that I'm an adult, I don't need it anymore. I go out with my human friend and we made long walks step by step and excursions together.

How do you feel about dogs in general?


Well, I have my preferences. I really like Jack, one of my neighbor dogs, but I really don't like this little black dog, that comes every time that Briciola (a female dog that lives near us) go in heat! I don't give him the chance to go near her. I'm really a good natural contraceptive :p

If you could say just one thing to all cat owners around the world, what would you tell them?

To not believe when they say that we don't need human friends. Maybe we're sometimes less cuddly than dogs, but we like to spent our time, playing and making purrr, with our human friends, too! And don't care about some bites and scratches, they're also signs of our love :p


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By Niels Ingvar

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