Review: SPARK Daily Supplement

Isn't it interesting that so many of us take vitamins and supplements every day but we rarely think to give some to our pets? When our friends at SPARK (made by Rocky & Bella in Pennsylvania) sent us a sample, we were excited to have our pup, Sully, and cat, Murphy, try it. The supplement is powder-based and you sprinkle it on your pet's food. We were a little nervous our guys wouldn't go for this as they can both be picky eaters but fortunately it's been a non-issue. We're about two months in and Sully and Murphy are none the wiser - they've been ingesting 1/2 teaspoon daily!


What we like about SPARK:

• Easy to sprinkle on food - we keep the container in the cabinet right next to Sully's dog food
• No digestive issues - #1s and #2s are normal
• SPARK is whole-food based meaning it's made from 48 REAL ingredients including spirulina, flax seed, anti-oxidants, amino acids, land and sea vegetables, probiotics, and prebiotics
• Provides recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals • 90-day money back guarantee though
• Same formula works for cats and dogs
• Glowing customer reviews Making sure our pets have a healthy coat, teeth, immune system, and overall wellbeing is super important and we love that SPARK sets out to help your pup (and kitty!) have a good health.