Video: DIY Figurine Pet Treat Jars

Your fur-kids love their treats (and you love handing 'em out!) but those bags they come in can be an eyesore on your kitchen counter. Instead, store their noms in supercute jars that are not only adorable, but are easy to make—even for the crafting novice. What's more, this is a great way to reuse those glass food jars that you'd otherwise toss. Watch our video tutorial to learn how!

Items You'll Need:

• Empty food jars -OR- mason jars
• 1" - 2" Cat and/or Dog Toy Figurines
• Hot glue gun
• 2-in-1 Spray paint + primer


Step #1 - (Skip to step 3 if you're using label-less mason jars.) First, soak your jars in hot soapy water to loosen the labels for about 20 minutes to an hour. (No need to use boiling water; hot water from your tap will do.) How long you soak depends on how much glue was used on the labels. The longer you soak, the easier the labels will be to remove.

Step #2 - Peel off the labels. Don't worry if there are any stubborn spots where the label doesn't want to slide off. Easily remove them by rubbing peanut butter or cooking oil onto them, and use a firm dishwashing brush (or your fingernails) to scrape them off. You can also use a product like Goo Gone, but peanut butter is a great, chemical-free option that you probably already have on hand. Dip them back into the soapy water, then give them one final scrub with a brush before drying.

Step #3 - To make your figurine lids, squirt some hot glue onto your figurine's feet and affix it onto the center of the lid. You can use a pretty generous dollop. You'll find that the amount of glue used won't be noticeable after the spray paint is applied. Let dry completely.

Step #4 - Apply a coat of spray paint + primer as instructed by the manufacturer. You'll probably apply paint in several thin layers, waiting about 30 seconds between layers until the figurine and lid are fully coated. Allow to dry for a few hours, then repeat this step. Let dry overnight (or longer) before using, so that the paint has enough time to dry, and the fresh paint odor has dissipated.

IMPORTANT: Take care NOT to get any paint underneath the lid so that it won't come into contact with the edibles to be put inside. As an added precaution, you can apply masking tape to the bottom of the lid before painting, and remove once the final coat of paint has dried.

Step #5 - Fill your jars with treats, and proudly display your pawsome handiwork!

NOTE: You can easily purchase figurines online via Amazon (among other sites). Click here for Cats and click here for Dogs.