Video: DIY No-Sew Dress Shirt Dog Collar

Sometimes getting dressed up for a wedding, family picture, or special event can be a pain. It doesn't have to be! Make sure everyone in your family is looking their best with our DIY No Sew Dress Shirt Dog Collar tutorial (featuring's very own Buddy Cruiser). Using any collared dress shirt and a few household materials, your dog will be looking his best at any furmal occasion.

Items You'll Need:
• Fabric measuring tape
• Dog's collar
• Collared dress shirt
• Scissors
• Non-toxic fabric glue


Step # 1 - Measure the Collar Using a fabric measuring tape, measure your dog's collar. Find a collared dress shirt with a closely matching measurement. Make sure that your collared shirt has a top button that connects one end of the collar to the other.

Step # 2 - Remove the Collar from the Shirt Using sharp scissors, cut around the shirt's collar below the shirt's top button (the button that connects one end of the collar to the other). After you've cut off the collar, cut off any excess fabric below the collar line.

Step # 3 - Seal the Fabric To prevent the shirt fabric from fraying, use non-toxic glue along the shirt's edge. Apply a thin line of glue along the cut part of the shirt and gently smear with your finger or other tool. Let the fabric glue dry according to the manufacturer's directions.