Video: DIY Catnip Mouse Toy

What You'll Need:

Patterned fabric for mouse body Scrap fabric, preferably with a loose weave, for catnip pouch Cotton cord, ribbon, or rick rack for the tail Embroidery floss for face details Catnip Polyfil stuffing Needle and thread


1 - Print pattern and cut out fabric as shown.
2 - Tie a knot at one end of the cord for the tail and set aside.

3 - For catnip core pouch, fold fabric in half, stitch two sides, add catnip, sew closed, and set aside.

4 - Embroider a mouse face on the main fabric (we made two little eyes).

5 - Begin at the nose and sew the two sides together along the upper edge.

6 - Sew the tail at the back. Begin to sew the bottom piece to the two sides pieces, leaving a small opening.

7 - Turn mouse inside out. Gently poke out the nose with a closed pen.

8 - Add polyfil and catnip pouch.

9 - Sew the mouse securely closed.

10 - Hand it off to kitty to enjoy!

Music: "The Afterlife" by YACHT