Do Pheromone Sprays Work to Calm Dogs?

Although you may associate synthetic pheromone sprays as being solely a thing for cats, they actually can be useful in relaxing nervous and overexcited canines as well. Whether your dog has a marking problem or is simply terrified by guests, these sprays may be able to come to your rescue.


Synthetic Pheromones

If your fluffy friend has been bringing a lot of unnecessary stress into your life with his misbehavior, synthetic pheromone products just may be the answer you need. These sprays work by essentially replicating the comforting scent that nursing mama doggies give off to their litters. This calming smell serves as a throwback to dogs and puppies alike, reminding them of a nurturing and relaxing time in life. If your dog is in the middle of a stressful situation, the odor may serve as instant relaxation for him -- success!


You may be able to soothe your anxious and antsy pet by spraying the artificial pheromones on key locations both inside and outside of your home. For instance, you may want to spray the interior of your vehicle if your doggie panics at the thought of going to the veterinarian. If your pet has a urine marking issue, you may also want to spritz some product onto his preferred soiling spots throughout your home, whether your walls or the den sofa. If you want to provide your dog with a little comfort while he sleeps at night, spraying his bed may be a smart idea, too.

Different Problems

According to, certain pheromones sprays may be effective in a lot of different troubling canine behavioral scenarios, including nonstop crying and barking, separation anxiety, potty accidents throughout your home, chewing and separation anxiety. Not to mention, pheromone sprays also can be of help if your poor doggie has a seemingly irrational fear of something, whether the sound of pouring rain outdoors or even certain members of your household.

Calm Atmosphere

If you want to establish a calm and serene atmosphere for your dog before he even enters the room, use the pheromone spray about 15 minutes beforehand. Whether you're spraying the artificial pheromones into the air of your car or directly on your cutie's bedding, try somewhere between 8 and 10 spritzes to get your pet feeling as at ease as possible.


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