Dog Owners: Play Pokémon Go & Raise Money For Shelters

Folks giving you grief about your Pokémon Go obsession? Shut up the haters by telling them that you're playing it to raise money for homeless pets. Argument won.


Image: Instagram

Just thank WoofTrax whose app Walk For a Dog donates money to animal shelters whenever users take their pups for a stroll. Needless to say, this is the perfect companion app for Pokémon Go which has encouraged people to get off their couches and venture out into the real world like nobody's business. It's also gotten pooch-owning Pokémon "trainers" taking their dogs out for more exercise than their four-legged pals probably bargained for. If you happen to be one of these dog owners, then turn your Pokémon Go addiction into a win, win, win. (That's a win for you, a win for your dog, and a win for the animal shelter of your choice.) Get downloading, then get GOing.

Image: Getty