8 Videos of Dogs Arguing With Humans

There are some matters upon which pooches and people just can't seem to agree: the right time to go for a walk, the right time to come home, the right time for bed, the right stuff to eat, etc. And sometimes, our dogs will even challenge us to a game of wits.


The particular dogs in these videos happen to be adept at employing some pretty advanced debate skills to argue their cases—and we think they make some valid points. Wouldn't you agree?

1 - German Shepherd says it's NOT time to go home

Video by YouTube user: America's Funniest Home Videos

"Join me instead, the water's great!"

2 - Great Dane says no, that bozo CAN'T have a turn.

Video by YouTube user: Poke My Heart

"I want ALL the love."

3 - Husky says walk, shmalk.

Video by YouTube user: Rumble Viral

"Seriously human? Clearly, I'm busy here."

4 - Boxer says no-pig-ears-on-sofa rule makes zero sense.

Video by YouTube user: Ginny Bebb

"Give me one good reason why not, then we'll talk."

5 - Pit bull says YOU go home and watch the game.

Video by YouTube user: f gemarello

"I'll be here when you get back."

6 - Boxer asks are you still up at this dogforsaken hour?

Video by YouTube user: angelshark

"OMG, human. Give Facebook a rest already" (Arguing starts at around 1:00)

7 - A compilation of argumentative pups.

8 - ...And yet more argumentative pups.

Videos by YouTube user: CrazyFunnyStuffCFS