Easy DIY Dog Bandana

When you want to dress your dog in a fun and casual manner, tie a bandana around its neck. A bandana adds a splash of color to your dog's appearance and it is a comfortable accessory. While commercial dog bandanas are made to fit a wide range of dogs, making a customized one ensures that it'll fit your dog perfectly!


Items You'll Need:

• Measuring tape
• Fabric
• Scissors
• Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine

Step #1 - Measure the circumference of your dog's neck, where you want the bandana to sit.

Step #2 - Add 18 inches to the measurement and jot this number down as the adjusted measurement.

Step #3 - Cut out a square of fabric using the adjusted measurement for the length of each side.

Step #4 - Cut diagonally across the fabric square from corner to corner, creating two triangles.

Step #5 - Hem one triangle by folding the raw edges down once towards the wrong side, ironing the fold flat, and top stitching the folded edges down.

Step #6 - Repeat step 5 for the other triangle.

Step #7 - Place the two hemmed triangles together, wrong sides facing inside, and top sew them together along the edges.

Step #8 - Tie the long ends loosely around your dog's neck and admire your handsome pup! By Lanh Ma