End the Killing of Animals in L.A.!

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NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) has a clear, no-nonsense goal: end the killing of shelter dogs and cats in Los Angeles by 2017. Their two-fold plan to accomplish this monumental task is equally straightforward: 1) reduce the amount of shelter animals by providing spay/neuter services where they're needed most and 2) increase the number of animal adoptions. Their plan is simple and it's working! Since NKLA launched in 2012, the number of animals killed in L.A. shelters has decreased by 56%. Now that's what we call progress! Even though the numbers are down, there's still a lot more work to do as 12,700 dogs and cats were put to death in 2014.

As an L.A.-based team, Cuteness wholeheartedly supports the important work being done every single day by NKLA (a Best Friends Animal Society initiative), so we've launched a fundraiser on Crowdrise with the goal of raising $5000 towards making L.A. a no-kill zone.

With your help, NKLA can Save Them All® by 2017.
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