Gift Ideas for New Puppy Owners

Your friend recently acquired a new puppy and you want to commemorate the occasion with something more useful or special than a chew toy. A puppy, much like a child, requires a large amount of financial and time investment. Whether your friend's new puppy marks the first venture into pet ownership or sits 17th on a list of family dogs, useful gifts for new owners alleviates the accompanying stress.



Proper training is perhaps the most important part of dog ownership. Dogs possess the ability to listen and learn, but the owner must spend time with the dog, teaching it how to respond. To help minimize this time investment, buy a book on training and spend time with the owner, helping to make Fido into a good dog. Some owners just don't have the time to train. For these pet parents, buy a weekend "boot camp" for the dog. When selecting a place, make sure that the reputation is spotless and ask for references.

Breed Book

If you want to buy a present that highlights the wonderful benefits of dog ownership as well as trains the owner in proper care, consider buying a "breed book." These informative books explain the breed in detail, including habits, proper care, possible allergies and ailments, temperament and recommended walking schedules. Additionally, these books contain pictures that help your dog owner begin to feel a sense of pride in his dog's breed.

Puppy-Proofing Tools

Puppies, because of their seemingly boundless energy, can easily cause damage to themselves or their house. Everything from bathroom trashcans to cat boxes can provide a puppy with choking hazards or intestinal obstructions. If your friend or loved one recently acquired a new puppy, help alleviate many of the possible dangers lying around the home by giving her a puppy-proofing kit. Include cord ties, a baby gate, a book on dangerous plants and locks for garbage cans. Include anything else that you know might prevent danger within her specific house.

Anxiety-Reducing Gifts

Dogs become very attached to their masters; they consider themselves part of the human's pack, wanting to spend time together, work together and even eat together. Because of this, many puppies suffer from separation anxiety. When the owner must leave and go to work, the dog will chew on the furniture, pee on the floor or otherwise tear apart the house. Help your new dog owner combat the puppy's separation anxiety by providing a few tools: a food-dispensing toy that the owner gives the dog when leaving the house, a manual on providing work for the dog and a crate to help crate train the puppy. Additionally, if possible take an active role in training the owner in techniques to reduce separation anxiety.

By Donny Quinn

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