Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers

People who love dogs are easy to shop for. Simply give them something for their beloved pooches and they're happy! While Fido may be pleased with a box of chewy bones, you might want to go a few steps further when you're brainstorming for the perfect gift for Fido's favorite two-legged companion.


Charitable Donations

Six to eight million dogs and cats find their way to shelters every year. Their owners can't keep them or don't want them. A few are lost and reclaimed by their owners. Only 50% are adopted, according to the Humane Society of the United States. A charitable donation in a dog lover's name keeps a few more puppies alive for a few more days. If your recipient favors only no-kill shelters or a specific breed rescue organization, make your donation there. Some organizations have monthly memberships that support a specific dog until he's adopted. Consider putting the membership in your friend's dog's name.å

Magazines and Books

Magazines for dog lovers abound. There are general magazines like Dog Fancy, as well as magazines for almost every recognizable breed. You can also find magazines on field trial competition, breeding and showing, lure coursing (dogs chase a feathered lure around a designated course) and agility courses, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you're not sure which magazine would appeal to your recipient, select one of the top ten magazines at Books are always a good choice for the literate dog lover as well, and the choices are almost endless.

Movies featuring Dogs

Is your dog owner a movie lover as well? If so, consider getting them a movie with a canine theme. All Dogs Go to Heaven is a classic that makes even cat lovers love dogs. Dance with the White Dog explores the magic of a married couple parted by death. A white dog mysteriously appears at the wife's grave while the husband is visiting and knows as much about him as his wife did. Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmations are animated Disney classics that are enjoyed by children and adults alike. If your recipient's dog is a handful, he'll feel better after watching Marley and Me—though make sure to suggest that they have a box of tissues on hand, as it's a real tear jerker! And of course, we can't list top dog movies without recommending Old Yeller, the classic coming-of-age tale (and another tear jerker!) that not only illustrates the beauty of dog ownership, but of life itself. Other great dog film include: The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Turner and Hooch, Lassie, Homeward Bound, Best in Show, and Beethoven.

Travel Packs

Compose a doggy travel pack that will come in handy when Fido goes on vacation with his family. Include a few treats, a collapsible water bottle with a lid, disinfectant, spray cleaner, plastic bags, hand sanitizer, flashlight, an extra leash and collar and a checklist. The checklist will remind your friend to get copies of immunization records, the vet's phone number, and the names and addresses of emergency vet clinics on the travel route before leaving. Throw in a dog training manual. Every dog should know the basic commands of sit, stay, leave it and come, especially before leaving on vacation. Pack everything in a sturdy tote bag, which you can even personalize with your friend's dog's name.

By Katie Jensen

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