Here's Why Dogs Look Like Their Owners, According to Science

By Teri Wilson

If you're seeing double at the dog park, no worries. You're not imagining things. According to science, dog owners really do look like their canine besties.


The idea has actually been around for a while...for about as long as people have had eyeballs. Because come on, it's kind of hard not to notice at times.



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One of the first scientists to actually study this phenomenon was Michael Roy at the University of California, San Diego. Roy went to a dog park and snapped photos of dogs and their respective owners. He then showed those pictures to a control group and OMG YOU GUYS. The control group could accurately predict which dog went with which human, just by looking at their individual pictures. Minds = blown.

The study has been repeated many times, with the same results. (Spoiler alert: you totally look like your dog.)


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Apparently, the most distinguishing characteristic between people and their dogs is eye shape. (Who knew? I was totally going for the whole hair/ear similarity. Reason #101 why I'm not a scientist.)

The scientific journal Anthrozoös published a study in 2014 in which participants were able to pair dog owners with their pets most frequently by looking at their eyes. When the photographic images of the people and dogs had a black bar covering just the eyes, it suddenly became much more difficult to figure out which dog went with with which person.

We kind of get it.


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Studies thus far have only found a legit scientific resemblance between owners and their pets when those pets are dogs. But something tells us it just might extend to other species as well.



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