Cool New Video Game Lets You be a Cat!

By Anna Sutheim

Congratulations, cat-loving nerd hordes. Our days of yearning for a chance to explore a dystopian city through the eyes of a plucky alley cat may be drawing to a close. A "third-person cat adventure videogame", provisionally called HK, is currently under development in the South of France, and it looks beautiful - in that sinister trash-strewn alleyway sense of beauty familiar to lovers of Blade Runner and the novels of William Gibson.


Image: HK Devblog

The designers are drawing their primary inspiration from the Kowloon Walled City, the now-destroyed Hong Kong slum which for many years was the most densely populated place on earth. Based on the creepy-cool images the design team has released so far, the game may also draw inspiration from cyberpunk, tech-noir, and other staples of dystopian futurism.

Image: HK Devblog

HK's team consists only of two designers and two cats, and according to this Q&A it's one of the cats who is responsible for website communications. Needless to say, this has meant few production updates for would-be fans. To stay current on the game as news is released, visit the HK Development Blog. We certainly will be checking regularly!


Image: HK Devblog