How Long Are Dogs Quarantined For Rabies

How long an unvaccinated dog stays in quarantine for rabies depends on the circumstances of the bite and the laws of your state or town. If your dog must be kept in quarantine, it's possible it can be done at home. Otherwise, he must stay -- at your expense -- in an approved facility for the time period.



While your dog should be kept current on all vaccinations, in most jurisdictions rabies shots are required by law. That's because rabies is a fatal disease, transmitted by saliva and animal bites. There's no cure for the disease, although people bitten by a rabid animal can receive preventative shots.

Why Quarantine?

The only positive test for rabies consists of examining a dead animal's brain tissue. Since you obviously don't want health officials euthanizing your dog for examination, quarantine is an effective compromise.

Quarantine Period

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that dogs with a healthy appearance at the time they bit someone can be confined by their owner for a 10-day observation period. "No person in the United States has ever contracted rabies from a dog, cat or ferret held in quarantine for 10 days," the CDC notes.

Six-Month Quarantines

If a wild animal bites your dog and your dog isn't current with his rabies vaccination, he might have to endure up to six months in quarantine, depending on state law. It's also likely the quarantine must be done at an animal-control or veterinary facility, rather than at home.

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