How to Choose Kennels for Mature Dogs

Choosing the right kennel for your adult pooch comes down to a few factors including your dog's size and the best material for him. Kennels aren't just to keep your dog out of trouble; they're a safe place for your pooch and an area he can call his own. Dogs have a natural instinct to make a den, and the crate is ideal for this purpose.


Tip #1 - Measure your pooch's height and length while he's standing up completely on all fours. This will help you determine the size of crate you need. In general, your pooch's crate should be just big enough for him to stand up with his head up and for him to be able to turn around without hitting the sides.

Tip #2 - Choose the material of the crate based on your needs and your dog's behavior. Crates are generally either collapsible metal wire, rigid plastic or fabric over a semi-rigid frame. Collapsible wire crates are the kind most commonly found in pet stores and big-box stores. They're convenient and suitable for any activity level. Plastic crates often have holes in the sides that some dogs will chew at frantically—especially if they have separation anxiety or are power chewers. Fabric crates are suitable for mild-mannered dogs who don't tend to scratch to get out of the crate or chew uncontrollably.

Tip #3 - Look for quality when buying your dog crate. Metal collapsible crates are ideal, but you want one that is sturdy and not going to fold down on your pet and collapse if he tries to escape. You also want a crate made of quality materials that don't pose any risk to your pup, such as metal flakes or paint that may come off if he scratches the surface.

By Jasey Kelly

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